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Welcome to the missionary website of Tom and Arlene Baird, missionaries to the country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. While Arlene is native to St. Vincent, Major Tom Baird is a veteran of the Vietnam War. During that time, he received prophecies that warned his unit of ambushes. It was the Viet Cong that ended up being ambushed. He also served in South Korea where a prophecy warned him of a Communist insurgency effort. South Korea was spared from being part of the totalitarian North Korean government. He was later one of the many developers of a new and improved decentralized Army communications-management system that later became the backbone of the Internet.  After his retirement, he became a bush pilot in Alaska, but later the Lord called him to be a missionary to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and is now an author.

Major Baird is a regular guest on Omegaman Radio. He visited Omegaman Radio to discuss his book: The Sharp Edge of the Sword. Shortly thereafter, the Major returned to Omegaman Radio to discuss his contreversial book, The Copper Scroll Incident, where he suggested that Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton might be using witchcraft to enhance her campaign. Three weeks after the book came out, news reports began surfacing about the witchcraft being practiced by the Clinton Campaign and especially by her campaign manager: John Podesta. Some people think this book was the beginning of the end for Hillary Clinton!

The Major was in a mood for prophecy again when he returned to Omegaman Radio to discuss his latest book, The Sharp Edge of the Sword. With the Major, there is no such thing as a bland interview. He discussed the new revelation that he had received just prior to the publication of this book. It was such a powerful revelation that he  explained to Shannon that he had to order his publisher to "stop the presses" so this revelation could be included in the new book. However, the Lord was still not done with the book. Tom Mack (the owner of White Cottage Publishing Company and leader of this project) was given an additional revelation. This would become chapter sixteen. Shannon Davis listened in shock and Major Tom and Professor Tom outlined how the "Deep State" created Germany and then turned it National Socialist in 1933. They further explained how Hitler's Protection Squadron or Schultzstaffel (SS) served as a "shadow government" within the official government. Links to these shows are listed below:

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