News on the La Soufriere Volcano

Report Number 10: SNAFUs

Saturday 17 April 2021

Since Thursday, April 8, 2021, we have begun to see corruption in the National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) and other government personnel. Prior to this, we only saw lack of detail in their planning. While shelters were provided, they only had bare floors for families and children to sleep on... inadequate food and water for the number required. (Normal shortcomings when dealing with the unknown.) Fortunately, many local families on an individual basis stepped up and began providing meals and water from their own personal supplies. Christian people are always better than government when it comes to helping in these areas. An impromptu government and volunteer effort is working at this time. However, on Thursday, April 8, 2021 during the peak of our water crisis a NEMO woman official monitoring the shipments, determined on her own, that the amount of water a local individual had shipped in was too much for one individual. The NEMO individual immediately confiscated the water leaving the individual without water. That individual then had to go into Kingstown the next day and privately buy water for her own survival. Welcome to the ruling Labor (Communist) Party where private property and welfare of the people ultimately means nothing to them. The water has not been on seen since. Some are suggesting, “Could it be that this NEMO official now has a private stash of water just for herself?”

As of this report on Saturday, April 17, 2021 La Soufriere is still explosively erupting every day sending ash, hot rocks, and lava into the air and down its slopes. Some villages nearest the volcano are buried, many further away have their roofs collapsed and are experiencing robbery of their belongings, and roads are closed due to being filled with debris. Maintenance crews with heavy equipment are trying to clear (and keep cleared) some of the main roads like those in larger towns of Georgetown and Chateaubelair.

Here in the south in the Green Zone the air no longer has direct ash powder falling, but we have dust from all the ash on all surfaces. Any passing vehicle, small breeze, or movement stirs up the dust from the grass, leaves, roads, and paths. Our water crisis has abated somewhat. Water is flowing at normal pressure and volume from the pipes. Water seems to be on from 5:00PM to about 10:00AM allowing for showers, laundry, cooking, and cleaning, etc. Today, as of this writing, the water is still on. During the water crisis I was able to shave, and bathe with 12 ounces of water, a plastic teacup and 12 ounce tumbler, soap, and a wash rag. This is my all-time best in how little water I can shave and bathe in. It is less than the military steel pot (helmet) I used in training in the U.S. Army Infantry many years ago.

Report Number 9, Miracles and Mercy:

Dated 15 April 2021 at 1211 hours

Here on Saint Vincent the La Soufriere Volcano continues to explode daily. We have three danger zones. The worse is the northern red zone where the volcano is which takes in the upper one third of the island. This is the evacuation zone at this time. It contains about 20,000 people. A few individuals declined to leave. No numbers of casualties are available due to the continuing danger.

Then there is the yellow zone followed by the green zone. I live in the far south green zone south of the Airport.

The Argyle Airport is still closed due to the ash fallout in the air. Our greatest difficulty is water. The island is plumbed all over with an island wide water system. Our population on the island is about 110,000. Due to the water source being contaminated water has been off since Friday, April 9. We had complied with the warning directions to store up water. We had about 100 gallons of unpotable rainwater that could be filtered with cloth and boiled for drinking if needed and 50 gallons potable water. We have creeks of water, but the ash is still contaminating them.

By Tuesday, April 13, we were down to our last few gallons (about 20 gallons). Although the government had planned for water trucks with potable water there was and still is no schedule for distribution. By Monday evening, April 12, no water was provided for our village area. We began to pray to the Lord for water. It was announced water was on its way for the evening of Monday. It did not appear!

Then a miracle happened with an instant answer to prayer. Between 3:30 AM to 5:00 AM on Tuesday April 13, a small weak flow of water came through the pipes in our area. We were awakened as the water pumps (located about three miles away), began to "cycle." Because the pipes lay on top of the ground, we were able to faintly hear them through the pipes. The Lord had just awakened us, so we heard this and were able to replenish our potable water supply plus a few gallons of nonportable water.

Now by the evening of Wednesday, April 14, the water truck arrived but soon ran out of water. It left to return later. We were praying for water again. Surprise... answered prayer again! At 10:30 PM EST the water came back in the pipes and has stayed on as of this writing on April 15, 1100AM EST. (Water off and on throughout the day.)

We are blessed! We have restored our water to include the rain barrels, done laundry, taken showers, and are refreshed. How awesome is our God!!!

The believers who know the times in which we live see us at the beginning or actually in the last days in which Christ returns. As is the case with all nations, to include the USA and Saint Vincent, our country and people are living in iniquity and sin bound by our love of pleasure and our sin far, far away from His wonderful Righteousness. Know this, without His Righteousness we will never enter Heaven. Our own righteousness is as filthy rags, and we can not attain to His Righteousness by ourselves. But, Praise the Lord, Jesus has paid this penalty and if we receive His sacrificial gift of His shed blood on the cross by believing on Him as the only begotten Son of God who died for our sins, repent, ask for His forgiveness, and receive Him in His Spirit into our heart; we thereby receive

His Righteousness as our covering to enter Heaven. For it is written that Jesus is the only Way, Truth, and Life; no one can see the Father except by Him.

Because of these evil conditions of our hearts and lives being lived away from God and His gift of His Son and our evil and wickedness, this volcano is a wake-up call, a chastisement, a warning judgment, that will be followed by much worse events as foretold in scripture if we do not turn to Him, seek His face, repent, and ask His forgiveness and live for Him. These are serious times. It is time to wake up, stop what is not of God, cry out to Him, and live in His truth. His truth is full of joy, power, blessings, goodness, and life eternal and full.

It is by His grace and mercy we on Saint Vincent and around the world have not yet been totally destroyed. We deserved the worse, but He has and continues to hear our cries and prayer. We are spared in His patience that not one be lost if possible. Let us live daily in repentance, righteousness, and love for God and one another.

Here is a video of our condition as of yesterday.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

Thank you all for your continued prayers on our behalf We continue to pray for you and all of our salvation and repentance. Please pray for water for everyone here, pray for the Lord to send cleansing heavy rainstorms, and His mighty cleansing Holy Spirit across all nations before it is too late.

Report Number 8:

Dated 13 April 2021 at 0824 hours

It is the anniversary of the 1979 La Soufriere volcano eruption. The air is clear for the first time since Saturday. Sa Soufriere just erupted again around 6:00 AM EST. As I write this it has blown three times.

At 3:30 AM EST I awoke to the faint sound of the water pumps cycling. I got up to find the water was running. It was a weak flow. Arlene and I got up and refilled all our containers. This took until 4:30 AM EST. The water stopped at 5:00 AM EST. The house is dry from the latest rain. Arlene is out sweeping the ash off the sides and windows. Yesterday we shoveled off the half inch of ash on our roof.

Yesterday at 4:00 AM both dome’s collapsed and it exploded several times with pyroclastic blasts. Any buildings in the way are destroyed and any living thing is dead. The volcano top is gone. The pyroclastic blasts and lava are reaching the sea.

We are safe on the far south end of St. Vincent. (The volcano is on the north end.)The Lord is with us in His mercy and miracles. Pray for salvation and water for all still living.

Report Number 7:

Dated 11 April 2021 at 2000 hours

We are still in the midst of the ash cloud. Ash is settling out on everything. We are now getting a feel for the needs of the families. Those evacuated from the red zone have most of their things ruined. Their homes are covered in ash inside and out.

Several have asked how they can help. There are many needs. Among the items needed are blankets, sheets, pillows, pillow cases, mattresses, children’s and adult clothes, pampers, baby wipes, rice, flour and anything that comes to mind for a family starting over from scratch. We have heard from some from the northern most village of Fancy where some have lost everything. Those in shelters are in buildings in which many are not totally enclosed as they use open blocks for ventilation and the ash is inside getting on everything. Breathing this ash-filled air is a great concern, especially for the children.

For those who have access to ship by sea, you can ship items to:

Arlene Matthews Baird
Victoria Village
Kingstown, St. Vincent
West Indies

Label the boxes or barrels “Donated Items for the La Soufriere Volcano Disaster Relief.”

At this point, there is no air travel on St. Vincent Island because of the ash in the air. All cars, busses, and airplanes are grounded because the ash would be into the engines and destroy them.


11 April 2021 at 0121 hours

We just received a text message from Major Baird stating that St. Vincent Island is without Electric Power.

Report Number Six:

Dated 10 April 2021 at 0647 hours

We awoke to an eerie silence this morning. Pulled back the curtain and was greeted by what appeared to be dense fog. It is a talcum powder like dust particles suspended in the air. It is slowly settling out much like a persistent frost or light snow that sets for days in Alaska. Visibility is about 200 feet.

Our house is all closed up and we still have enough haze to see it inside our house. Last night we had closed up every window and door but a little window in our bathroom for ventilation. In the middle of the night, I got up to go to the bathroom. As I felt the sink the surface, I felt a fine powder as if someone had taken a talcum powder bottle and shaken it over the sink one time from five feet above. I rubbed my thumb and finger together and felt the telltale grit from the ash. I closed that window as well.

This morning also greeted us without any water in the pipes. Thank goodness we still have electricity and propane gas for light and cooking. The light is defused and opaque like in a fog and heavy rain.

I just touched my computer screen and felt the dust on it. I had cleaned the outside before using it. Now it looks best to shut down and wait for a better time to use it.

Thanks for your prayers. We are ok and doing good for the time.

Report Number Five:

Dated 9 April 2021 at 1527 hours

Thanks again for your prayers. These explosions are not only natural events, but I believe they are a wake-up call from the Lord. This is true even more so given the warning dreams given to my wife Arlene starting last week on Friday. She saw the explosions and earthquakes, but in the first dream, it was prefaced with vivid scenes of gross iniquity, sin, evil, and wickedness that included witchcraft, pornography, corruption, greed, and gross falsehoods from all leadership and many citizens throughout the land and also included the USA. Then she saw the message of volcanic eruptions and great shaking from the Lord with a date of April 7, 2021. So in light of this and the wicked times we live in it appears to be a warning tending toward a judgment from YHWH. For those not familiar with Biblical Prophecy the Bible clearly shows YHWH is closely involved with the affairs and intents of the heart of all mankind to include blessings, curses, awards, and judgments.

Today we lost water about 10:00 AM EST. It returned about 2:30 PM EST. Throughout the day there have been additional warnings of an underwater volcano erupting between Granada to the south of us and our island of Saint Vincent. It is a 24-hour orange warning which is the next lower alert level from the red highest alert level.

Now, at 3:15 PM EST the second explosion of La Soufriere Volcano shot into the sky up to about 18,000 feet from the short distance of 15 miles away. This eruption appeared to be larger than the first one. For some reason the upper winds are blowing from north to south and carrying the ash cloud right over us and the airport. Oh, the airport has been closed down since the first eruption at about 9:35 AM EST this morning. By the way, the shelters are now getting mattresses for those evacuated. Local families are taking food and meals to those evacuated.

The two grandchildren had finished school for today by the time of the second eruption, so they got to see it. Even behind the partly cloudy sky. Even though this is a relatively small volcano it is an awesome sight to see such power displayed in your extended front yard. When I was in Vietnam, I was about 15 miles’ distance away from a B-52 bomber strike. Those 500 lb. bombs were small pin pricks compared to the volcano, although the concussion from the B-52 bombs snuffed out my bunker lantern and nearly shook my bunker down on top of me. Given this display of power, let us take to heart never to anger YHWH.

We are safe and well, and are resting in, relying on, and trusting in the Lord.

Report Number Four:

Dated 9 April 2021 at 0908 hours

This is the video from yesterday which shows the lava flow. Then after the video at about 9:35 AM the volcano blew.

Report Number Three:

09 April 2021 at 0855 hours

The clouds are obscuring the ash cloud, but it looks to be from 15K to 18K feet high. Where the ash cloud rises it is very dark contrasted to the gray normal clouds. It has spread southeast and is over us and the airport. It is still climbing. No ash fall-out on us yet. Water just cut off. Have coverings over our rain barrels full of water. I heard a low rumbling sound about a little over a minute from the explosion. The sound lasted over five minutes.

Report Number Two:

9 April 2021 at 0735 AM

The lava has crested over the top of the caldron. They say it could explode at any moment. They are still evacuating...

Last night the narrow mountain roads, one on the west side and the one on the east side, were packed trying to handle 40,000. That is 20,000 from the east side and 20,000 from the west side. All roads here is the south became full and it was hard to get anywhere. Some water services are stopped already. We still have our water. Everything is stored up that is needed. The shelters opened up, but someone forgot the cots. Some people thought to bring along their blanks, but some had only their clothes. Pictures show everyone sleeping on the floor. Not sure when this will change. We are still comfortable in our own beds. We are waiting for any further announcements.

This volcano will probably not make the news outside of the Caribbean as we are such a small Island and population. Officials seem to be more concerned in getting everyone evacuated vaccinated then getting them out of harms way. There seems to be big money in this vaccine project. It is so sad to see such skullduggery forced on all the peoples of the world. I have just read an announcement that injuries and deaths due to these vaccines from the last three months is 6000% more than has happened in the last 10 years. Why would you delay evacuations to jab someone? Its like, “Don’t worry about being hit by a three ton bolder, just wait and get your jab and you will be all right.” Where is the Lord and His help in their lives? Is the vaccine the new god of the peoples and nations?

Repoprt Number One:

08 April 2021 at 1650 hours

We on the south end of Saint Vincent that is the furthest points away from the volcano are still in the green zone for now. That is where we live. However, those in the northern one-third of the Island which surrounds the volcano and are in the red zone are now starting the evacuation process. Royal Caribbean Cruse Lines is sending ships to help. Shelters in the southern end where we are opening up. Other Island countries like St. Lucia, etc. are opening for assistance also.

We are ok here so far. At this time we are well supplied for our immediate needs and the needs of our livestock. (In our little shop/store we also handle livestock feed.)

Initial Report

Dated 8 April 2021 at 1132 EST

Our volcano La Soufriere is about to explode. They have just announced all of Saint Vincent is now on red alert. We are instructed and are gathering water and preparing for loss of electricity, phone, water, and all other services. I hope this gets out. We are ok so far.

This started last night, and the danger has been increasing.

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