Level 3

Earth Realm - Attributes: Good and Evil

  • This level contains both good and evil beings.
  • Evil is obliged to infiltrate this rank using a combination of Satan's Seed and collaborators.
  • This level consists of national leaders:
    • Presidents/Prime Ministers/Premiers and Dictators of countries
    • Cabinet Level Ministers/Secretaries (Depending upon what country is being discussed)
    • Kings
    • Heads and Major Players of Secret Agencies
  • We must remember the teachings of scripture though. Most of the people at these levels are NOT making their own decisions! They are being managed by other beings at higher levels. Let's check out Ephesians 6:12 to learn more:
    • For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities:
      • Normally demonic Chief Princes and Princes
      • They are the minimum rank of demon allowed to bargain with mortals...
    • against powers:
      • Forces often called upon by witches and other occult practitioners to obtain wealth and favor, both for themselves and for others who pay them.
    • against the rulers of the darkness of this world:
      • Ruler spirits are frequently supervisors to the princes but also inhabit humans when it serves their purposes...
      • Ruler spirits often posses those who sell their souls to the devil in exchange for some advantage or position in the world.
      • The ruler spirit often possess those who desire high positions in government and sell their souls to get these positions.
      • Deliverance ministers have discovered that many famous "Christian personalities" have sold their souls to the Devil to gain high positions in mega-churches and in various ministries. When they sell their souls, ruler spirits will in time inhabit them and take control of their ministries. When these Christian personalities conduct meetings and pray for people, the ruler spirits will direct underling demons to inhabit the people being prayed for. There have been many cases of people getting prayed for to be healed of a minor sickness only to later get cancer or some other major disease and die in months. This is also why so many mega-church pastors often end up having moral issues (e.g., extra-marital affairs, homosexuality, etc.)
    • Against spiritual wickedness in high places.
      • Demonic emperors and kings who rule specific regions in the world. These regions often correspond with national, state, and local boundaries.

This also is a Listing of the Hierarchy of Spiritual Beings, their levels, and Specific people controlling the world within the ruler of the Prince of the Power of the Air. (cf. Ephesians 2:2) – Satan within the great deception but also showing God’s ultimate authority and power which is listed first above the evil ones and limiting them as described and as practiced in this time before Christ Jesus’ return. Attributes: Good and Evil. (The Bible and reports from Israeli News Live on IConnect FX)