This is the “Command and Control” Structure and Hierarchy for All Spiritual Existence:

This is a Listing of the Hierarchy of Spiritual Beings to include humans (which also have a spirit), their levels, and the specific people controlling the world under the rulership of the Prince of the Power of the Air. (cf. Ephesians 2:2) Ancient Evil and Satan are within the great deception but this chart also shows God’s ultimate authority and power over evil which is listed first above the evil ones and showing how He limits them as described and as practiced in this time before Christ Jesus' return. (See Job 1:6-12)

All of the following information is from The Third Heaven G2 (Where knowledge of enemy organization, plans, intents, and capabilities are provided) and information from local Reconnaissance Patrols in the Holy Spirit as the Intelligence Reports describing the enemy and friendly situation:

  • This information then becomes part of the first paragraph of the Five Paragraph Field Order
  • The following is our simulated field order followed by our real time present day situation information.

The Five Paragraph Field Order

  • Situation:
    • God’s Strategies and Actions of Good.
    • Ancient Evil’s Order of Battle and Satan's Actions of Evil.
  • Mission:
    • To Overcome and Eliminate Evil in all of its forms.
  • Execution:
    • Repent and Ask Forgiveness
      • A Clean Heart Receives
        1. The Full Power
        2. Anointing of God
    • Seek and then walk in the Fullness of the Holy Spirit with Fire.
    • Daily Study the Word of God.
    • Seek a Tender Heart with Eyes that See and Ears that Hear.
    • Trust God and Obey His Commandments.
    • Follow the Leadings of the Holy Spirit Consistent With the Teachings of the Bible.
      • It is Important to Try (Examine and Test) the Spirits to See if They Be of God. (I John 4:1-4)
    • Endure to the End.
  • Administration and Logistics:
    • Continuously seek God’s Protection, Provision, Deliverance, Guidance, and Help.
  • Command and Communications (Signal):
    • God Goes Before us, Behind us, Beside us, Over us, and Under us. He Surrounds us.
    • Join with Other Like-Minded Believers as Directed by the Holy Spirit.
    • Challenge is “We Will.” Password – “Overcome.”

This is the “Command and Control” Structure and Evil Enemy Order of Battle hierarchy for All Spiritual and Human Existence:

  • Attributes: Good and Evil.