Levels 1 and 2

Realm: Earth - Attributes: Good and Evil with Evil Infiltrating from Satan's Seed and Kingdom

Level 1 - Families both good and bad... (Believers' work and walk with God)

Level 2 - State and Local leadership, in society, science, justice, and other professionals... (Believers' work and walk with God)

Evil at levels 1-7 attempts to control all humans through dictatorial rulers and deceptive narratives of Communist Indoctrination in the majority of educational institutions from Kindergarten through Post Doctorate levels. This evil is enforced by totalitarian control of society, science, and religion through leadership and media complicity and the societal Communist narrative policies, law enforcement, justice system, and publications. There are some individuals at all these levels who receive direct communication for evil from levels 8 to 10 by Demons and ETs. These individuals have become open and available through their choices of rebellion to God, lasciviousness, and lust for sex be it with man to man, woman to woman, man to woman, or woman to man, greed for wealth, hatred, envy, jealousy, pride, and lust for power, position, and fame. These individuals embrace their own enslavement in exchange for the pleasure of wallowing in their filth. This evil control and narrative has resulted in an upside-down enslaved existence for those individuals caught in its trap. Take heed how far the mighty have fallen.

Satan’s kingdom is still in operation. (Some Evil Individuals may be of Hybrid Blood Lines – Part human/part fallen angel. Per Genesis 6:4)