Levels 6 and 7

The Evil Elitists in levels 6-7 who are controlled sometimes indrectly and sometimes directly by ETs and demons of the higher levels of 8-10 are:

  • The 13 Illuminati Bloodlines
    1. The Astor Family
    2. The Bundy Family
    3. The Collins Family
    4. The DuPont Family
    5. The Freeman Family
    6. The Kennedy Family
    7. The Li Family
    8. The Onassis Family
    9. The Rockefeller Family
    10. The Rothschild Family
    11. The Russell Family
    12. The Van Duyn Family
    13. The Merovingian Families - The Seven Royal Families
      • They claim to be descendants of the House of Solomon
      • They further claim that they have the "divine right to rule the world"
      • These families arose in Europe in the Dark Ages and began to rule the barbarian tribes that destroyed Rome.

    These organizations are subsidiaries that manage the interests of the Seven Royal Families:

    • The Illuminati and its Subsidiary Organizations
      • The Committee of 300
      • The Skull and Bones Society
      • The Knights Templar
      • The Bilderberg Group
      • World Economic Forum (Klaus Schwab)
      • The Masonic Orders - York and Scottish Rites
      • The Council on Foreign Relations
        • Trilateral Commission
        • Royal Institute of International Affairs - Chatham House
        • The Club of Rome
      • The Roman Catholic Church and its Protestant Daughters
        • The Lutheran Church Organizations
        • The United Methodist Church Organizations
        • The Anglican Communion
        • The "Reformed" Churches
          • Cumberland Presbyterian Church
          • Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America
          • Evangelical Presbyterian Church
          • Presbyterian Church (USA)
          • Reformed Church in America
          • United Church of Christ
        • The Mennonite Churches
        • Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
        • The Baptist Churches
          • American Baptist Churches in the USA
          • National Baptist Convention
          • Progressive National Baptist Convention

DISCLAIMER: We need to point out that most individual members of these Churches do not know or understand that the upper levels of their church organizations' leadership are being knowingly controlled and cooperate with the dictates of Fallen Angels. Many of their seminaries, and pastors are so inclined even without realizing it.

As a "litmus test" who is promoting the world wide pandemic and or requiring lockdowns, social distancing, facemasks, mandatory closures, and vaccines in spite of valid medical science that debunks these measures? Ask yourself, why the COVID-19 and its variants are surging instead of diminishing in the face of all these measures?

We also have to realize that the published goals embedded in the "New World Order" plans via Agenda 2021 and Agenda 2030 have not yet been fully implemented. WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE WHAT IS COMING NEXT!!! Read Revelation Chapter 6 for a flavor of what is about to happen probably within the next two to three years. Does anyone know why Revelation states over and over after a judgment that those not sealed by God repented not? Can it be because they do not believe it is really happening? Our parents and grandparents would not have stood for all this foolishness. Why are we!!!

It should be noted that most of these organizations are controlled by and cooperate with the Fallen Angels. The list of the Thirteen Families come courtesy of Fritz Springmeier and his books: Bloodlines of the Illuminati. We also must give a measure of credit to the late John Todd, who first warned us about these activities and Myron Fagan who also first exposed their activities.

It should be noted also that the Southern Baptist Convention is NOT a member of the World Council of Churches even though its leading Pastors and Evangelists: Rick Warren, Jack Graham, Franklin Graham, Ed Young, Jr., and Steven Furtick all routinely support "ecumenical" causes.

The Pentecostal Churches have also disdained the World Council of Churches as a whole. Even if their leaderships were inclined to join the effort, most of their pastors would immediately break away and create a new organization. The major exception to this "mandate" was David du Plessis (1905-1987), sometimes called "Mr. Pentecost" by Roman Catholic Bishops. He attempted to dialogue with the Roman Catholic Church and other church organizations, but ran into trouble with his own organization: The Assemblies of God (USA). Du Plessis was permitted to observe the proceedings of the Vatican II Council from 1963-1965 and also has been an observer at various World Council of Churches proceedings. For this, many Pentecostal preachers condemned him (most notably, William Branham), citing:

Can two walk together, except they be agreed? (Amos 3:3)

While some individual Pentecostal pastors (e.g., Kenneth Copeland) continue to interface with the Roman Catholic Church and the World Council of Churches, it is likely that not much will be accomplished.